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>>> We don't just build apps.

We build companies.

Archon Tech Strategies is the go-to tech company for consumers looking to streamline various business processes.

Archon Tech Strategies, formally known as Archon Apps, was founded six years ago and provides technology solutions that are flexible and customizable to meet customer needs. We have now broadened our services and solutions by being known as more than just ‘an app company.’

Our signature solution is innovative consulting. Through consulting we identify clients’ IT needs to perfectly match tech solutions through advanced IT experience, insight and expert capabilities.

Archon Tech Strategies has been integral in venues such as Banker’s Life Fieldhouse and the 2012 Super Bowl. Other venues outside of Indianapolis where Archon Tech has made a presence includes: Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Moda Center in Portland, Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay and various federal buildings in Washington, D.C.

Archon Tech Strategies has a reputation for providing the highest quality and personable
customizable service within the industry. Customers of Archon Tech Strategies are also excited to partner with the company and continue to be satisfied with the services they receive.

Many customers of Archon Tech Strategies feel empowered simply by using their solutions to relieve stress. The company has also been described as “relatable and resourceful and the customers
become educated and more efficiently skilled.”

Archon Developments Include...

  • CSA 360

a mileage tracking device that eliminates the pain and frustration of tracking mileage with paper logs.

  • Cirrus Security
  • Cirrus
  • Med Referral
  • MyMobile
  • ArchonSafe
  • MileTrack GPS
  • iAspire

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Tony Unfried is a serial entrepreneur, Pioneer and The Founder & CEO of Archon Tech Strategies. Tony along with his team seek to revolutionize business technology communication globally.Through smart software and technology development solutions and consulting,Tony has been instrumental to numerous companies nationwide, assisting them to expand and grow their tech strategies innovatively. Tony has founded and created several companies based on technology, mobile applications, and software as a service (SAAS). Tony received his Bachelor’s Degree from Wabash College in Psychology, followed by his Master’s degree in Public Affairs from Indiana University.

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